At Duchesnay USA, you will work with extraordinary colleagues in an environment where you look forward to coming to work every day.

A highly professional and stimulating work environment

We are continuously working on projects that draw on the unique talents of each member of our team. We remain open to new ideas and offer limitless possibilities for individual achievement and growth.

A warm and friendly ambiance

At Duchesnay USA, we take our jobs seriously, but we also take great pleasure in our work thanks to the team spirit and close relationships among our people. Our new employee orientation program promotes a sense of belonging to the Duchesnay USA family from your first week on the job.

Autonomy and respect for individual skills

We recognize and capitalize on the diverse talents and unique skills of each member of our team and encourage them to work autonomously, with minimal supervision.


We believe that our success depends first and foremost on our people. That’s why we encourage each employee to learn and grow by continually seeking new and better ways to achieve their goals.


Duchesnay USA’s corporate culture is based on transparency, trust and mutual respect. Upper management maintain an open-door policy and managers are always accessible.


Duchesnay USA is located just outside Philadelphia, in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. Our offices are within walking distance to first class shopping and restaurants, an easy commute from Center City Philadelphia and minutes from Blue Route Highway 476, Route 202 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Our offices are also easily accessible by commuter rail, with a train station located just a short walk away. Employee parking is free.